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The Shopping List

September 4th, 2009

Without exception, everyone who mentions my poems to me, says that this one kept coming back into their mind. That's a nice thought. It's perhaps one of my shortest ever poems but it says a lot, I think. Happy muzak! yay!

The Shopping List

Folded neatly, once, discarded in the basket

with a snippet of leaf from a cabbage, I think,

a pointless piece of somebody else’s life

that gets trapped between my fromage and my frais.

Carried home with me, in my bag for life,

(predictably frayed at the edges)

and perused over freshly purchased ginger tea,

I read,

‘One pt of milk,

One wholemeal sliced,

Carrot and swede (diced),

One chicken breast’

Then written in a different hand,

as though a secret thought,

or a cherished wish…


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